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Chemical properties of carbon fiber you know?

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Chemical properties:
The chemical properties of carbon fibers and carbon acquaintance, except that it can be strong oxidizing agent, the general basic inert. When the air temperature is higher than 400 ℃ is apparent oxidized to produce CO and CO2.

Carbon fiber common organic solvents, acids, bases have good corrosion resistance, insoluble and swelling, outstanding corrosion resistance, rust completely there is no problem.

Some scholars in 1981, PAN-based carbon fiber soaked in strong alkaline sodium hydroxide solution, the time has past 30 years, it remains fiber morphology. But its poor impact resistance, easy to damage, oxidation occurs under strong acid, carbon fibers electromotive force is positive and aluminum negative electromotive force. When the carbon fiber composite material and aluminum alloy metal carbide composite applications, carburization and electrochemical corrosion phenomena occur. Therefore, the carbon fibers subjected to surface treatment before use.

Carbon fiber as well as oil, anti-radiation, anti-radiation, neutron absorption of toxic gases and deceleration characteristics.