• Toray carbon fiber chopped 3-6mm wire
    Overview: The company specializes in carbon fiber material, it can be customized according to your performance requirements, different applications, performance requirements are not the same, the price is not the same; chopped, performance depends on the performance of the filaments
  • No Toray carbon fiber thread 3-6mm
    Overview: Our company specializes in wholesale authentic filaments have Toray, Toho Japan, Taiwan and Taiwan Korea and other carbon fiber thread welcome the new and old customers to order to ensure quality and reasonable price. High middle and low Carbon fiber chopped, with or without glue
  • www.01599.com
    Japanese carbon fiber powder ()-jin2017金沙澳门 jin2017金沙澳门
    Overview: Shanghai Fu long carbon fiber material Limited production of carbon fiber chopped imported from Japan without glue high carbon fiber dimensional slices from the system, all of the carbon fiber chopped size ratio neat, easy dispersion, high purity, suitable for mixing various form
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